Artlift is thrilled to have received further investment from partner Macmillan Cancer Support and a grant from GLoW (Gloucestershire Wellbeing). This enables continuance of our well-received online creative sessions for people going through treatment for or moving on after cancer.

Our next Flourish course of 10 sessions runs from 22 October 2021 to 7 February 2022 1.00pm – 3.00pm

These FREE 2-hour sessions, for which materials are provided at no cost to the participant, are led by a specially trained Creative Health Artist. She’ll draw on a range of creative activities (including drawing, painting, and textiles), and support building of confidence and friendships through creativity.

Participants are also supported to set themselves light touch creative goals if they wish, and to plan for sustaining their arts practice (and thereby their wellbeing) post-course.

Especially for people who may still feel nervous and/or need to continue shielding as rules relax and the world opens back up again, Flourish is a great way to connect with others from the safety of your own home. People who’ve been on prior Flourish courses reported improved sleep, reduced anxiety and increased energy levels.

A 2020 participant fed back: ‘… there was this feeling, this sort of sense that it was a safe place to be. And, yeah, it didn’t matter if you were an artist or you weren’t an artist, but it was just somewhere that people who had been through the same thing as you were all together…’