Flourish Programme – for adults living with or moving on from cancer

Flourish was established in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support in 2016 for adults living with or moving on from cancer. Thanks to their continued investment and to a grant from GLoW (Gloucestershire Wellbeing), online courses will be sustained at this challenging time for those who may be nervous, or unable, to leave the house.

Artlift is also excited to be partnering with Yes to Life on our ‘Flourish Magazine’ project supporting dialogue through art between people living with/beyond cancer and the medical professionals working with them. Click here to find out more.

Who’s it for?

Flourish is for adults aged 18+ and living with and/or beyond cancer, who are:

  • facing, currently undergoing, or recovering from cancer treatment
  • registered with a GP in Gloucestershire
  • well enough to attend online sessions each week for 10 weeks
  • comfortable interacting as part of a group
  • able to access Wi-Fi and, ideally, a computer through which to participate in Zoom sessions
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University of Gloucestershire Studies

The University of Gloucestershire have undertaken 2 studies of Artlift’s Flourish projects, and concluded:

There was a statistically significant increase in wellbeing when comparing pre and post wellbeing scores, using the WEMWBS, for those participating in the Flourish course.

(Flourish Mixed Method Evaluation Report, University of Gloucestershire, 2017)

We know from former participant feedback during these studies that Flourish can help recovery from cancer by…

  • reducing anxiety and fatigue
  • helping with sleep
  • increasing energy levels and mood
  • boosting confidence and wellbeing
  • improving quality of life
  • fostering new friendships through shared experiences
  • inspiring personal expression
  • concentrating on positive activities and fun

You can find the full reports on Flourish here.

Flourish - Mixed Method Evaluation Final Report, July 2017

This Report provides a summary of the evaluation undertaken by the University of Gloucestershire during 2016-2017.

Flourish 2 - Mixed Method Evaluation Final Report, October 2018

This report presents findings from both Flourish programmes, and includes a comparison and collation of data from the two programmes.

What participants experience

For anyone shielding and/or feeling anxious, these online sessions are a safe space to explore making, drawing and painting with others in the same boat. No skill or talent in art are needed. This is an opportunity to share experiences, make new friends and focus on something positive with people who care and understand.

Participants are supported over a 10-week term to:

  • develop creativity and build social connection through a variety of artistic activities and to share their artwork online
  • if they wish, define light-touch goals through a personalised creative health plan, which focusses on what they can do, rather than any real or perceived limitations
  • devise Move On plans, including the setup of participant-led groups where appropriate, to enable participants to continue using creativity as a tool in their ongoing wellbeing post-Artlift

Joining and working with the group and yourself at Artlift, has made such a positive change in me, and it is not just me that says it, my radiography nurse has also noticed a change in my voice and how I am generally

How Flourish has impacted on participants

Watch our short films to hear what former participants had to say.

Are you a potential participant?

Refer yourselfIf you are an individual living in Gloucestershire and would like to put yourself forward for either our Create Well, ICU Leavers or Flourish programmes, please...

Are you a health professional?

Refer to usIf you are a health, VCSE or social prescribing professional, or are working with a patient / service user who could benefit from Arts on Prescription please...