Why Art Matters

Why Art Matters

Art can not only help us see the world differently, it can make us feel better about ourselves and inspire us to make change. Taking part in and being a part of something, learning new skills, sitting with the support of others, and letting go of pre-conceived ideas of what it is to be ‘good enough’ – all of these things can lead to increased self confidence, a new focus and an improved sense of wellbeing.

Artlift uses various methods of quantitative and qualitative evaluation, from questionnaires to focus groups and art.

Since 2007, Artlift has collected a huge database of evidence showing the positive impact creative health interventions have.

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What Artlift Participants Say

It started as just a concrete plan in my week, something I knew I had to get up and out for. Then my confidence in my creativity grew and my confidence that I could cope with my life grew.

I realised that the only person judging me so harshly was me, and being gently encouraged to “have a go” by a wonderful Artlift artist and a supportive group was a great vehicle for letting go of that.

Artlift Participant

Are you a Gloucestershire or MPCC GP or health practitioner?

GPs and other health professionals can refer people for a course of art either alongside or instead of medication and other interventions.

Artlift is also looking for GPs or health practitioners interested in hosting Artlift Residencies.