Creative Health Partners

Creative Health Partners

Artlift works with partners to improve and diversify the sector through sharing best practice, joint development initiatives, mutually beneficial research, and partnership projects.

Currently, we are working with:

Gloucestershire Creative Health Consortium



A Consortium was established, and we aspire to develop into a broader Alliance, through which to deliver our shared vision:

Anyone in Gloucestershire, whoever they are and whatever age they are, will be able to manage their own health and wellbeing in new ways, through access to ongoing creative health options.

Current Consortium partners are:

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National Arts & Mental Health Alliance

We meet regularly, and fundraise, with national partners who share a focus on Arts and Mental Health, including Inspirative Arts in Derby, Arts & Minds in Cambridge and Bristol Arts on Referral Alliance partners. Meetings are convened by Arts Network in London and our current focus is on national initiatives through which to support diversification of the workforce.

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Artlift has partnered with University of Gloucestershire since its inception and, thanks to this relationship, now holds the largest known body of Arts & Wellbeing data in the world.

Click here to find examples of papers our university colleagues have had published since 2007.

Our main academic colleagues are:

Dr Rachel Sumner, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at University of Glos 

Rachel is involved in research on how psychological changes can influence health and wellbeing. She has published in the areas of Psychoneuroimmunology and Psychoneuroendocrinology and is involved in several interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary health research projects. She is particularly interested in how aspects of our environment (like stress, or interactions with nature) can influence our health.

Prof Diane Crone, Professor of Exercise & Health at Cardiff University

Diane’s expertise lies in the design, delivery and evaluation of health promoting interventions in primary and secondary health care, and in the community. She has published internationally in the areas of exercise referral scheme evaluation, mental health promotion, arts for health and in physical activity pathway intervention evaluations.

Her work has specific application to practice and is therefore used regularly in the development of evidence-based practice. She has extensive experience of both leading and taking part in multi-partner projects and of international and transnational working practices.

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