Arts to help you feel better

For adults living with mental health challenges and / or a long-term health condition, we are a creative space for them to recover because of the experience of the artists, the relaxed atmosphere, and the personalised approach.

Artlift runs arts programmes for anyone registered with a doctor in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire and is …
… living with mental health challenges like depression and anxiety
… managing long-term conditions like chronic pain
… living with or moving on from cancer

We are a specialist creative health charity providing arts on prescription with proven health benefits. Our courses are available to adults registered with a GP in Gloucestershire or Wiltshire who need a lift in these challenging times. Find out how to take part.

ARTLIFT – COVID-19 response

We continue to work with our participants through this difficult time of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Our programmes have been re-designed for remote delivery to keep everyone safe, in line with Government guidelines.

Click here to read our full COVID-19 statement.

ARTLIFT – COVID-19 response

Artlift is continuing to work with our participants at this difficult time when Coronavirus (COVID-19) is prevalent. We’re following Government guidance. Our programmes have been re-designed for remote delivery to keep everyone safe.

Click here to read our full Covid-19 statement:

Artlift Covid Statement, 19Mar 2020


Hip Hop Boost to Mental Health in Gloucestershire

Many people are struggling with isolation and now face a long, hard, lonely winter. Artlift and Your Next Move have joined forces to help adults in Gloucestershire deal with the all-too hidden effects of COVID-19. A recent survey by Young Minds on the impact of...
What We Do

What We Do

Artlift provides art courses for people experiencing mental ill health or long term physical conditions which impact negatively on mental health. Find out more

Meet the Team

Meet the Artlift Team including our artists, administrative staff and trustees.

Why Art Matters

Over the past 12 years Artlift has collected a huge database of evidence showing the positive impact arts in health interventions have. Find out more about Why Art Matters

Looking for a Referral Form?

Download a Gloucestershire referral form here. MPCC patients – please contact your health practitioner at MPCC directly.