Create Well Mental Health Programme

Mental Health

Artlift has been developing this programme of arts on prescription with health co-producers and NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group since 2015.

Specially trained artists work with adults referred by over 70 health and social prescribing professionals.

Whilst social distancing is required under Government guidelines, we are delivering these non-clinical interventions remotely (online and / or on the phone or in the post). As soon as our participants feel able and comfortable to meet face-to-face, we will return to our group community settings.

Click here to download a Referral Form for full criteria.

Courses run between:
– April and July
– September and December
– January and March

We are currently delivering:

  • Five online courses of 10 x weekly Zoom sessions using a variety of artforms, including three ‘Creative Check-Ins’.
  • Tailored, individual guidance with a ‘Creative Navigator’ for anyone unable to engage online or who requires a more personal and / or longer-term arts intervention.

Artlift Projects

Looking for a referral form?

Burnt Toast

From Object to Art with Susie Walker

Turn a piece of toast into a work of art. Transform everyday items into permanent or transient artwork on this ten-week course. Contact or 03000 200 102 to register interest.

Artlift Flourish Project

Woven Stories with Julie Matthews & Brenda Read-Brown

Ten weeks of pure inspiration. Find joy in the everyday and learn how to create art in words, objects and images on this ten-week course. Starting with the theme ‘a lovely place to be’, you will weave through a range of activities, including collages, poems, text, line drawings, 2D storyboards, and ‘magic boxes.’ Contact or 03000 200 102 to register interest.


Inside Out Photography with Jim Brook

Get out your camera or mobile phone and take a fresh look at the world around you. This is a real chance to develop your observational skills and explore the things that interest you, both inside and outside. Ten weeks to re-focus. Contact or 03000 200 102 to register interest.

Petal and Leaf Art

Inspired by Nature with Niki Kent

Take those potato prints from school one step further. Rediscover the textures, patterns, shapes, and colours of natural objects around you, both indoors or outdoors. Get creative with your environment; learn about mark-making and etching; draw from nature (plants, trees, food, or anything in the home and/or garden); and try your hand at simple relief printmaking. Ten weeks to play with printmaking techniques. Contact or 03000 200 102 to register interest.


Sketch ‘n Rhyme with Your Next Move

This is a fun, no-pressure ten-week online course with friendly hip-hop artists JPDL and SLAZ. No experience is needed, just a desire to express yourself. Bring your own hip-hop lyrics to life through graffiti art – JPDL and SLAZ use ‘call and response’ to show you how to put down your words and then respond visually. This is a chance for anyone over 18 (including the young at heart) to build confidence and skills with an immersive introduction to hip-hop. Contact or 03000 200 102 for more information.

Current Offline Courses

The Seasons – Visual Writing with Nick Moore

Working from images sent by the artist or just simply observing and listening to your environment, you will be guided with exercises, games and working examples to respond to what’s around you. There’s no need to finish your work – just go with the flow and enjoy the creative process for ten weeks. Contact or 03000 200 102 for more information.

Postcard Conversations with David Davies

Take inspiration from the postcards you will exchange with your Artlift artist. Try your hand at writing, collage, visual mark-making, or any other technique of choice. This ten-week course is designed for people who want to get away from the screen or don’t have internet access. Contact or 03000 200 102 for more information.

Are you a Gloucestershire or MPCC GP or health practitioner?

GPs and other professionals can refer people for an art course either alongside or instead of medication and other interventions.

Please contact us if you are a medical or other professional and would like to host an Artist in Residence.