Give your employees an art lift

by | Jan 25, 2021 | News

We are very excited to announce our plans for a new workplace wellbeing package for 2021. Determined to make this as relevant as possible, we’re reaching out to HR managers and decision-makers to explore their needs.

By working with us, you will be leading the way with a dynamic and relevant programme of creative activities to support your team through difficult times.

We are recognised as national leaders in arts and health.

82% of people attending reported noticing a significant improvement in their mental wellbeing.

As a specialist creative health charity providing arts on prescription, we have the evidence that creativity transforms lives. Normally, our participants are referred by their GPs or social prescribers into a free 10-week course to help them recover from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, cancer, ME and other health conditions.

In these challenging times, surely there’s a wider need for arts for wellbeing in the workplace?

Before COVID, mental health was costing UK businesses around £42 billion, with 1 in 3 people of working age experiencing poor mental health each year. In fact, 70 million workdays are lost each year in the UK due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.

Very few people are in a good place right now. Since COVID, the nation’s mental health has deteriorated. After long periods at the screen, social isolation, and employment uncertainty, we are all finding it difficult to stay well mentally and emotionally. The boundaries between work and home have collapsed and it is hard for people to switch off. Common feelings are stress, worry, insomnia, low energy, fatigue, anxiety, panic, fear, depression and burnout, not to mention the trauma and grief that many have experienced over their patients and loved ones.

To feel good, the government tells us that we need these five ways to wellbeing: to connect with others; be active; take notice of our surroundings; slow down; learn new skills; and give to others by doing something good for our communities.

The lockdowns have led many of us turn to the great outdoors, hands-on making skills, traditional art, and other creative activities.

This is where Artlift comes in.

‘It’s an amazing experience, I can’t express enough how much it helps!’

Our innovative workplace wellbeing package will be rooted in our established health model which boosts mental health, connects people, and forms a positive and energised culture. Our experienced, trained, and multi-skilled creative practitioners have a track record of providing a safe space for anyone to have fun, process thoughts and express feelings. No previous artistic experience is necessary.

100% of people attending our courses said they would continue practising creatively to enhance their wellbeing.

When you book an Artlift course for your team, you will be enabling us to reach some of the most vulnerable adults with our life-changing arts activities. This is an opportunity to get known as a purpose-led organisation, combining staff wellbeing, entertainment, and CSR all in one. Your team and customers will love your up-beat stories shared in a gloomy world. Who wouldn’t want to buy from, or work for, an organisation that supports wellbeing, creativity and the community on the doorstep?

Put creativity at your heart and join us by pioneering social prescribing in the workplace.

Please help us shape this programme by completing our 10-minute survey here.

‘Artlift has definitely increased my confidence, to the point where I was able to attend a job interview (my first interview in 9 years!) with no anxiety.’

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