Flourish Magazine: As I flourish by Caroline & Millie Stone

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Flourish Magazine

Alongside the print version of Issue One of Flourish Magazine, The Nourish Issue (available to view digitally here), we are releasing weekly digital content on the Artlift and Yes to Life websites, such as film, creative writing and blog posts.


This week’s digital piece is a poem by Caroline Stone ‘As I flourish’ with accompanying artwork from her daughter, Millie Stone. Caroline is a social prescriber, who supports patients living with cancer and her daughter Millie is a doctor. Caroline had this to say about her piece:


“I am a Social Prescriber working in Gloucestershire, I work with many different people and cancer is a frequent visitor. I have submitted my poem ‘As I Flourish’ with an accompanying pencil drawing by my daughter (Millie Stone) who is 25 years old and a Doctor. Millie and I are very close and share a dedication to our work. We have both experienced cancer on a professional and personal level. My late Mother lived with cancer, we were all on her journey with her. I am passionate about living well with whatever is thrown our way. Hope and support is a key factor in a person’s wellbeing and psychological management of a situation.”
As I flourish
By Caroline Stone

A broken body, no cracks to see; a blemish on the inside even hidden from me.
I look in the mirror and then at myself, who am I now, is it still me.
I put my hand over my skin to cover the flaw as it feels better not to see.
I want to be normal and free from this beast, but it grows in my body and feasts on my yeast, swelling and growing the invisible beast.
When I wake in the morning and open my eyes, I forget for a second what inside me lies, I look back in the mirror at what looks at me and decide that hope is where I should be.
I now look at my body with hope and respect and promise myself I will always love me.
My heart is less heavy, my soul is more free and my mind is more focused on my future with me.
No more broken body, no more hopeless thoughts, as I look to tomorrow with more positive thought.


Below: A pencil drawing by Caroline’s daughter, Millie Stone

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