1st – 3rd March 2019, Museum in the Park, Stroud
An exhibition of photography created by participants with long term mental and physical health challenges, referred by GPs and other health professional to four Artlift 6-week ‘Arts on Prescription’ courses with Look Again.

The work shows how a blend of photography, mindfulness and nature can help to improve self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

Over 450 people visited the exhibition over the weekend, with some taking part in a free mindful photography workshop on Saturday. Feedback from participants, referrers and visitors was overwhelmingly positive.

This pilot project was funded by an Awards for All Big Lottery grant and, due to the reported benefits (increase in wellbeing, decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety, along with improved self esteem, relationships and confidence), Mindful Photography is now being offered as part of Artlift’s core programme.

It’s the first time I’ve been able to laugh in a long time. I really enjoyed that – knowing I’m coming somewhere where I’ll relax as soon as I come in, cos I know I’m in a safe space and that we will have a giggle, and still take amazing photographs. That for me has been really really big. No matter how bad the morning has been, the afternoon has always been great.

Finding Focus Participant

You’re safe cos everyone understands and there’s no judgement and you don’t worry about saying stuff.

Finding Focus Participant

Mindful photography reminds me to stop, breathe and admire the beauty all around me. It has improved my mental health. It keeps me more in the present and less in false worry. It has encouraged me to get close and really admire what I’m seeing. I feel as though my photography has improved. Mindful photography really calms me and gives me an inner peace that I don’t get from anywhere else.

Finding Focus Participant