Move On Hub

Here you’ll find information on setting up a Move on Group, how to maintain your arts practice and wellbeing, inspiration for arts activities and where to get advice when you need it.

The Move On community

Through our associated private Facebook group hub we’re developing a wonderful community where members can share projects and tips, celebrate achievements and discuss ideas and approaches that will keep them engaged and motivated.

We’re also collecting your ideas for a series of online ‘Creative Café’ events!

Existing Move On groups

We have heard that the Pandemic has impacted on your ability to keep Move On groups going. Please ring or e-mail to update us on whether your groups back up and running, or whether you need some advice to kick-start it again.

If you wish to join an existing group that suits your needs in your area, do get in touch with our team and we’ll pass on details of suitable groups of which we’re aware.


Setting up a Move On group

Our Artists are committed to working with you to set up and sustain participant-led Move On groups and have created a handy reminder of what to consider whilst setting up a group, how to approach any problems you may come up against, and how to keep the group going.


It’s easy to get a little stuck and lack some direction so why not visit our Resources page to get some tips to keep those creative juices flowing?

Your Artist will have given you the password to visit the Artlift Participants page, which has a whole range of worksheets and filmed tutorials our Artists have put together. If you need a password reminder, just e-mail us on

Funding and materials

The Barnwood Trust offer small grants to groups and individuals to help with support and wellbeing.

Gloucestershire Resource Centre has an art shop, scrap store (£10 a year membership) and venue. It’s a great place to pick up supplies and get inspired.

Need help or have a question?