Living Well with Persistent Pain

Artlift Project – Living Well with Persistent Pain

12 week Artlift courses specifically for people living with persistent/chronic pain. In the coming months we will be offering four new groups, currently open to referrals from the Gloucestershire Pain Self-Management Service.

The first group has been meeting weekly at Nature in Art in Twigworth and taking part in a wide range of creative activities; from lantern making to watercolour, silk painting, and mosaic.

The next group to launch will be a women’s group that will meet in Stonehouse from late April, followed by another mixed group and a men’s group.

Please contact Artlift for more information, or ask one of your health team to contact Allison O’Connor, Lead Clinician at the Pain Self-Management Service on 0300 422 8469 for a referral.

Looking for a Referral Form?

Download a Gloucestershire referral form here

For MPCC patient referrals, please contact your health practitioner at MPCC directly.

Are you a Gloucestershire or MPCC GP or Health Practitioner?

GPs and other health professionals can refer people for a course of art either alongside or instead of medication and other interventions.

Artlift is also looking for GPs or Health Practitioners interested in hosting Artlift Residencies.