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Artlift Project – Flourish

Flourish 2020

Artlift are offering 3 Flourish courses of 13 weeks, between January and April 2020. These courses are funded by Macmillan Cancer Support, specifically for those moving on from a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments, who may be living with complex situations, including long-term physical and psychological side effects.

The courses are FREE, 2-hourly sessions per week, over 13 weeks and led by an Artist who is trained in working with people recovering from a cancer diagnosis.

Each group will have a maximum of 12 participants

The groups will be held in:

  • Matson
  • Barton
  • Forest of Dean

People wishing to attend must have completed the active phase of their treatment – i.e. chemotherapy/radiotherapy/surgery.

How to attend or refer

Ask your GP / healthcare professional about completing an Artlift Flourish referral form.

This can be obtained by contacting: referrals@artlift.org or telephoning 03000 200 102



Flourish was a joint Macmillan Cancer Support and Artlift referral scheme that began in 2016 aimed at people living with, or beyond cancer, with the aim of improving their health and wellbeing, through an 8-week arts course.

Courses in a variety of arts were offered on a limited, pilot basis, to understand their efficacy in this particular population group. Participants were recruited via a GP or health care referral, through targeted promotion in clinical settings and the offering of “taster sessions” for interested patients.

The inclusion criteria for referral included people who had either a current, or past, diagnosis of cancer for the purposes of improving ability to self-manage consequences of treatment and late effects.

This report provides a summary of the evaluation undertaken by the University of Gloucestershire during 2016-2017.

Looking for a Referral Form?

Download a Gloucestershire referral form here

For MPCC patient referrals, please contact your health practitioner at MPCC directly.

Flourish - Mixed Method Evaluation Final Report, July 2017

This Report provides a summary of the evaluation undertaken by the University of Gloucestershire during 2016-2017.

Flourish 2 - Mixed Method Evaluation Final Report, October 2018

This report presents findings from both Flourish programmes, and includes a comparison and collation of data from the two programmes.

Are you a Gloucestershire or MPCC GP or Health Practitioner?

GPs and other health professionals can refer people for a course of art either alongside or instead of medication and other interventions.

Artlift is also looking for GPs or Health Practitioners interested in hosting Artlift Residencies.