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Welcome to Artlift. For adults living with mental health challenges, chronic pain and / or cancer, we offer a creative space through which they can move forward thanks to the experience of the artists, the relaxed atmosphere, and the personalised approach.

‘I had no experience of art before this but now I love it and it has been a cathartic process in dealing with my past and a distraction from my current health problems’.

Artlift runs courses and creative projects for anyone registered with a doctor in Gloucestershire.

Artlift also provides residencies and Workplace Wellbeing packages to support the mental health of staff in the corporate and statutory sectors in these challenging times.  Click here to find out more.

Artlift News

Meet our Trustees – Sally Lewis

Sally Lewis is a founding Arlift #Trustee of over 6 years, bringing community learning, partnership working & #HealthandSocialCare expertise to the board. Sally #Volunteers because she says what Artlift does works, over the years Sally has seen the huge impact the...

Creative check-in to relieve stress

According to the @mentalhealth foundation 74% of UK adults felt so stressed at points over the last year they felt unable to cope. When you join an Artlift course we discuss your #hopes with you using our bespoke creative check-in tool making sure we can support you...

About Artlift

What We Do

What We Do

Artlift provides art courses for people experiencing mental health challenges and / or long term physical conditions which impact negatively on mental health. Find out more.

Meet the Team

Meet the Artlift Team including our artists, administrative staff and trustees.

Why Art Matters

Over the past 12 years, we have collected a huge database of evidence showing the positive impact of the arts in health interventions. Find out more about Why Art Matters.

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