Looking and Seeing

Join our Artist Facilitator Nick Moore at the beautiful Overton House, HQ of the Barnwood Trust in Cheltenham.

This informal course will focus on painting and drawing with the aim of encouraging you to find your own way to relax and enjoy the materials. You don’t have to be ‘an artist’ to take part in this flexible, supportive group.

We will be using acrylic paint and watercolours with basic drawing materials such as pencils, crayons and graphite sticks to explore different ways of representing objects, landscapes, people and ideas.

Nick values each person’s work, and will help you to develop confidence in your own skills at a pace that suits you. By becoming absorbed in painting or drawing, it is possible to be somewhere different, physically and emotionally while sharing a safe social space with others.

Painting and drawing can help us to see things in a different way, be more open to the world around us – for some participants it has been a life-changing experience and contributed to their ongoing wellbeing.

The more you look, the more you see…

This 10-week course runs on Mondays in The Barnwood Trust’s Overton House from 27 September to 6December 2021.

Download a form here to secure your place directly or, if you need to apply in a different way, contact us on referrals@artlift.org or 03000 200 102. Professionals referring a client / patient you’re working with, please download a referral form here: https://artlift.org/refer-to-us/